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The King's Peace by Jo Walton

I just finished reading The King's Peace by Jo Walton.
A very good book.
The story takes place in a medieval world, on an island probably not very unlike the UK

The main character, is Sulien ap Gwien, a woman who becomes one of the best fighters of the land. She also acts as narrator, telling the story of her life. The book starts off with her saying she's ninety-three.

The story goes through how she joins up with the king's forces, fighting the war needed to eventually bring the king's Peace to the island. It's a long war, taking many years. The relations and interactions between the various characters seem very well thought out. Motivations are quite believable.

This isn't a book that took me so strongly that I simply couldn't put it down. I've read longer books in a day. This one took me 2 weeks. Why so? I think I needed to take my time to appreciate it. It didn't dwell on some details I expected it to, but that was actually rather nice.

The blurb on the back of the book is actually somewhat inacurate, claiming "She will never forgive them." on some raiders who attacked her, when in actuallity she eventually does.

My recommendation: Read this book!

Now to get started on The King's Name, the sequel to this book.

Edit: her website:
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